Loki Cookies!

A friend decided to start baking fandom cookies. She really enjoys baking…and fandoms…so why not combine the two! These cookies came from Fantastic Bakes and Where To Find Them on Facebook. If you contact her via her Facebook page, you can get some gorgeous cookies like these delivered to you. She doesn’t just do Loki cookies, she can do any fandom or anything else you can imagine, so get in touch and see how she can help you!

In case you were wondering how in the world do cookies arrive intact, this is how they were packaged. EACH one was sealed in it’s own plastic wrap and then EACH one was wrapped in bubble wrap. None of them were chipped or broken. They all arrived in wonderful condition. Some of them had the slightest bit of smear between dark and light colors, but keep in mind these were shipped to Houston, TX, which is always very HUMID and we’ve had a lot of rain. They survived a lot of dampness and looked just fine!