My Fan Art

I went through the art I’ve made, and picked out the pieces I thought were the best…or more like the least-worst! 🙂

I’ve done some body-swaps, but honestly, I don’t care for doing that much because Mr. Hiddleston already lent a great body to Loki! These days, I mostly change Tom into Loki, and draw on the dark hair and make other adjustments with Photoshop. I like that illusion much better than swapping a body.

I’ve made just a couple 18+ naughty pics, but I won’t link them here. If you want to go find those, you’d have to join the Loki Forum and look in the 18+ subforum there. I never got into making naughty Loki art, not sure why, probably because I don’t feel I can do him justice, or I just don’t want to treat him like that…I dunno! That’s a me-thing though. It doesn’t have to make sense.

If you right click and save my art, that’s great! Please don’t post your right-clicked and saved artwork anywhere else without crediting back to this page though. That means if you right-click-save these pictures, and want to share them on Tumblr, Facebook or wherever, then post this line along with them, and feel free to copy and paste it right from here: 

Art Credit:

Without further ado, here’s the pics:

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Loki on Midgard with Thor Loki's arrival on Midgard Loki's arrival on Midgard Loki is threatened by 'The Other' Thor just wants Loki to come home Loki is brought before Odin in chains Loki says things he doesn't mean Extras and other from Thor The Dark World Loki on Comedy Central Tom-to-Loki manips. Drawn on hair, general color and skin color adjustments. Photoshop.