Cosplay Friday!

On our Facebook group, we have a ‘cosplay Friday’ post in which members post their favorite cosplayers, crafts, costumes or whatever else related to costuming and cosplay. Since I revamped the site, I decided to give that a try here too! 

Below is one of my favorite Cosplayers, Silhouette Cosplay. She makes her own costumes and costume elements, but what really blew me away recently on her page was the Infinity War Loki costume that was her original design! 

Posted by Silhouette Cosplay on Monday, September 10, 2018

That’s just the latest in a LONG line of amazing cosplays on her site. There are a lot of work-in-progress pics and videos too, so if you wondered how some of these amazing creations come about, you’ll find answers there too!

While you’re looking through the gallery up there, make sure to like her page so you can keep up with her creations and artistry.

Silhouette Cosplay on Facebook

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