Fan Fic Monday!

Here’s some fics to add to your collection on this, the 8th of October, 2018!

I’m just going to add the links and maybe a brief description to the fics. I’ll leave it up to you to read any warnings, and check out pairings etc. I don’t discriminate in any of those areas, as there’s all different tastes in fic. I’d just like to share some good fics and recs. Maybe the perfect Loki-fic you’ve been looking for is among them!

Here’s the fics!

A Marvelish Romance Series by auntieomega: A shy scientist with anger management issues and a temperamental trickster god fall in love and navigate life together, healing each other’s childhood wounds and having lots of kinky sex along the way. (Slash, Bruce Banner/Loki)

As Strange As Fate by LoreenaLaufeysonTony and Loki were facing each other as enemies, but Lady Fate had other plans. And what plans! Had she lost her freaking, crazy, addled Norn mind? (Slash, Tony Stark/Loki)

Love Is Madness by Joie1836: Darcy Lewis: Goddess of Tasers goes a little too far while on Asgard and gets herself locked up in an over-crowded dungeon. The only cell with the least likely villain to kill her is the God of Mischief himself. Will she survive his tricks & lies and disgustingly good looks or her surroundings? Will he survive her word vomit & self degradation or her penchant to get hurt? Meanwhile, could Asgard ever be ready for a Trickster Team? (Het, Darcy Lewis/Loki)

Speechless by G33kinthepink: This story takes place just after the first Thor movie and is a play on the legend of Loki having his lips sewn shut.
Loki discovers his true lineage and to keep him from telling anyone and embarrassing the royal family, Odin has Thor hold him as he takes his voice from him.Then to further silence him, he attempts to take his magic as well. Loki breaks free and flees to earth, alone and unable to speak outside of using sign language, he forms an unusual alliance with one of Earth’s guardians.

Steve sees the same handsome young man every day but communication could be an issue. Good thing he has Clint available to teach him sign language. Though he’ll come to find that a lot of things are different about his new friend and not just his inability to speak.

Tricks Stir by NuminaThe new Sorcerer Supreme is tasked by Thor and The Avengers with keeping another Asgardian securely contained for a little while. One that really, really doesn’t like being locked up.

Fire and Ice Series by KieraPSI: The invasion of New York has been repelled, and Loki taken to Asgard for trial. S.H.I.E.L.D. turns to an empathic psychologist and suspected pyrokinetic to help them move forward. Could the multi-talented woman be just what the doctor ordered when Loki returns to Earth a broken god? Rated NC-17 for explicit sex and coarse language. Some same gender sex, mostly m/f. Previously published as the first half of ‘Fire and Ice’ on

Loki Does Las Vegas by KieraPSI: Loki is awaiting the conclusion of Asgards’ investigation into the true reason for his actions on Midgard. What is a bored god of Chaos to do when his so-called brother leaves him ensconced in a luxury suite in Las Vegas while he hares off to Europe to visit his Midgardian lady-love? Why, Vegas, baby.

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