Journey Into Mystery #635

Nightmare has forged his ultimate weapon – With the help of a certain diminutive Norse God. Oops. Will Daimon Hellstrom let Loki get away with it? Fear Lords? You want Fear Lords? We’ve got seven of them! Get your Fear Lords here!

Loki, Leah and Daimon Hellstrom are still working hard to wake up all the sleepers around the world and disrupt Nightmare’s plan to harvest fear-stuff (what even IS that??) and make what Loki calls an “incredibly powerful hat”. Anxiety, depression, hopelessness and paranoia seem to have shaped everyone’s dreams, and Nightmare has a lot of good fear out there to draw from.

The entire time, Loki, Leah and Daimon are out there drawing the fear-stuff from sleepers and sending it to Daimon’s quarantine in his Hell, Ikol is whispering to Loki that he’s not going about this in a decidedly Loki fashion. He’s undertaking this challenge at the sacrifice of his own welfare, which is something Thor would, and could, do, but Loki’s talents aren’t being best used with this method. Loki can’t go about things the Thor-way. Loki decides it’s time to start using his greatest weapon, and in this case literally and figuratively: his mind.

Loki, finally almost at the point of death himself, asks Leah to read his mind and learn the fear-extraction spell Nightmare used. This will work on Loki where Daimon’s spell failed. Leah is skeptical, and she feels Loki is copping out, wanting to save his own skin at the expense of the others. Loki reminds her that if they continue to play hero, and end up getting killed, every sleeper after that will die. The risks are too high to continue as they had been. Loki then reminds Leah that Hela left Leah with orders to help Loki, and she needs to do as she was told. Leah angrily complies to Loki’s demand and begins the spell to remove the fear-stuff from him.

Daimon is defending a sleeper from Nightmare, and expects Loki and Leah to be along to help him. He becomes impatient and angry when they don’t show up. Leah finally gets the fear-stuff out of Loki, and Loki asks her to open up a communication to Nightmare. Once he has Nightmare’s attention, Loki offers him the fear-stuff Leah removed. He knows Nightmare wants that above all else because it’s enough to create his fear crown (the incredibly powerful hat!). Nightmare is cautious at first, because who trusts Loki? After a thorough inspection, he decides the fear-stuff is legit, and escapes back to his realm, much to Daimon’s chagrin.

Loki tells a livid Daimon to go rescue the other sleepers because Nightmare won’t be needing them, and they’ll have plenty of time. Daimon is furious about Loki handing off the fear-stuff though, and is ready to kill him and send him to his Hell. Loki tells Daimon to chillax, because he’s doing things the Loki way, and if all goes wrong, then…well, at least everyone could just blame Loki’s ‘badness’. What’s Loki got up his sleeve??

To be continued…

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