Young Avengers (2013) #3

A Fight scene, probably. And another one, but this time in a club. Plentiful feels. (aka “meaningful emotional character beats”) The fakest ID in history.

In Asgardia, which is still floating above Broxton, Volstagg notices something has attracted Heimdall’s attention. Heimdall tells Volstagg it’s Loki and some friends fighting some kind of giant that burst out of the World Tree. Volstagg seems to think it’s just typical kid-stuff. Kid-stuff in Asgard must be pretty intense.

Things are getting pretty intense with Billy, Teddy and Loki vs. Loki’s ‘dad’ Laufey. Teddy tries to fly away with Loki, but Laufey snares his foot in a trap and stops him. He comes after them with a meat cleaver, commenting that good-for-nothing Loki is probably good for eating. Billy tries to cast a spell, but is unable to. ‘Laufey’ now thinks they’re all good for eating.

Before Laufey can start carving with his cleaver, something drops in from out of nowhere and squishes him, saving Loki, Billy and Teddy from becoming Laufey’s lunch. The deadly object turns out to be Miss America. The boys are very happy for her sudden dropping in. Billy says the return of dead parents probably has to do with them. Before America can say much, her mothers, which are also dead, appear. Billy can’t seem to summon a good teleport, and America doesn’t trust Loki to do it. Her dead mothers advance on them, along with Laufey and nobody cares what Loki’s up to at that point, and he teleports them all away to MJ’s in New York. Looks like young Loki is a regular, because he and his companions are escorted to a table so they can talk the situation over.

In the Kaplan household, Billy’s parents are worrying that they haven’t heard from Billy or Teddy. Teddy’s mom comes in sand says she’s found them, but they’re keeping ‘terrible’ company. They all agree they can’t have that happening!

Back at MJ’s, Loki is creating a glamour of everyone’s ID’s so they can stay in the club. The bouncers think Loki has a weird growth disorder, and is just a really small adult. (??!!??) Loki is ready to talk to his companions about saving reality, but America reveals that Loki had come to her previously, attempting to talk her into killing Billy. They all look at him in a decidedly unfriendly fashion.

Loki said he was playing on his bad reputation to actually get America to protect Billy. Teddy now wonders why America is so interested in what’s happening, but she deflects his question by asking Loki what spell he was trying to cast when she caught up to him on the roof top of Billy’s house. He admits that while he was trying to stop Billy from bringing the parasite through, he inadvertently tied the spell to all of them, which is why all their dead parents were showing up. The parasite was impersonating them.

Billy said trying to banish the dead parents almost put him out. Loki tells him too much of his power is tied into the spell. Loki claims his own powers aren’t up to snuff due to his small form. He offers to teach Billy how to control his own powers so the parasite’s constructs all disappear and his possessed parents return to normal. Teaching him will take too long though. Loki suggests that Billy loan his power to Loki. Billy doesn’t trust Loki enough for that. Loki asks them if they watch or read Game of Thrones. All of them do. He asks who their favorite character is. They all answer ‘Tyrion’. Loki then tells them to think of him as Tyrion. Nobody is into that idea.

All the dead and possessed parents suddenly show up. Loki goes to say the teleport spell, but can’t. He passes out. Billy tries to banish the parasite-parents, but Teddy stops him, and says he thinks they can fight their way out of it. They all try their best, and do a lot of punching, kicking and squishing of the parasites, but in the end they’re all wrapped up in parasite-parent goo. Teddy’s ‘mom’ tells Billy she’s taking him and Teddy home to feed on their souls while Loki and America are marked for death.

To be continued…

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