Wanted: Facebook Group Librarian and/or Site Contributor

I’ve been on vacation from work the past week, and have been trying to just relax! Please excuse the lack of comic and other content, I’ll be back in the groove again next week! 

Currently, I am looking for some help for the Facebook group and maybe even a site contributor! Memes and pictures are fun, but almost all Facebook fan groups are the same in that respect. There’s the same memes, the same pictures, the same stuff over and over.  I’d like to elevate the quality of content on our Facebook group and add some topics of value that can be of use to those in the fandom, especially newer fans that might want to learn more or find things like interesting art and fanfiction.  Maybe someone wants to learn about cosplay, or has questions about how to make or build something. With all this in mind, I decided to start with fanfic!

Fan Fiction Librarian: Develop and expand on Fan fic Monday! Someone that seeks out stories and writers and submits a post to the group each Monday. Some ideas to explore there might be inviting writers to the group to explain or discuss their stories, showcasing member stories, focusing on certain ships or tropes, or whatever their imagination can come up with!

This position would be solely focused on Loki fanfiction, and NOT responsible for any other moderating duties. Also, the person in this position may also become a contributing writer for the RancidRainbow.com website, and publish their ‘Fan Fic Monday’ entries on the site, to be shared with the group from the site.

Necessities: Time to devote to the project. One post per week plus the time to gather material for it. Good writing skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation). Ability and willingness to communicate with others. Helpful but not necessary: Knowledge of Facebook groups and post-scheduling functionality. WordPress platform. Google docs. Message the Sharing Loki page if interested in this position or use the form below:

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