Asgardians of the Galaxy (2018) #4

ASGARDIANS UNDER ARREST! Just when Nebula falls within their grasp, the Asgardians of the Galaxy find themselves in hot water with the Nova Corps! And every second they’re detained, Nebula comes closer to ruling the galaxy. What’s a team of warriors and assassins to do?

After Nova Corps arrive on Chandilar, they commence to cleaning up the stragglers of Nebula’s undead army. The Asgardians are caught in the crossfire until the last of Nebula’s army vacates the area, and Nova Corps turns the attention on them. Unsurprisingly, due to the hostile nature of the history between Asgard and the Shi’ar, Gladiator isn’t thankful for their appearance. Nova Corps takes the Asgardians into custody.

Angela says it’s time to teleport back to Asgard’s Reach, but…nothing happens. Nova Corps tells them their ship is impounded and their transporters jammed. Guess they’re stuck with Nova Corp while Nebula escapes off to..somewhere?

The Asgardians are shackled and their weapons confiscated…even Throg’s hammer is left behind in Chandilar. Thunderstrike feels wronged by this turn of events. He thinks they’re not being treated right as they were trying to help.

Thunderstrike remembers being at his father’s grave, talking about how he felt he just didn’t measure up to his father’s legacy. He read off several unflattering comments on social media from his smartphone about a battle with bad guys he was involved in, and that was when Angela and The Destroyer appeared to him, whisking him away on this adventure.

He relates his feelings to Skurge, who is in the Nova Corp cell with him and Throg. Skurge tells Thunderstrike that he knew his father, and knew what a brave man he was. He tells the dejected Thunderstrike that his father also never saw that in himself, and never knew his own worth either, and the two were more alike than Thunderstrike realized.

Brunnhilde is in a cell next to Loki, and she obviously doesn’t like being that close to him. She tells him he’s the God of lies and mischief and is an evil being. Loki says he’d tell her his game, but she wouldn’t believe him anyway, which is probably true. Loki tells Brunnhilde he knows what she really wants, which is to be separated from Annabelle Riggs for Annabelle’s own safety.

Brunnhilde thinks back to a conversation she had with a sorceress about separating them. The sorceress told her such a thing would come at a hefty price. As she remembers that, Loki tells her she underestimates Annabelle, and that she’s not as helpless or fragile as Brunnhilde thinks. Brunnhilde accuses this Loki of just being a manifestation of ‘Old Loki’s guilt. He ignores this and tells her Annabelle, as a mortal, actually brings some spontaneity to their current endeavor. Some mischief!

Meanwhile, Scott Adsit with Nova Corps is questioning Angela about the weapon that was used at Chandilar. Angela explains what the Naglfar Armada actually is, and that Nebula is the one commanding it. Scott says Nova Corps wants to confiscate the weapon for themselves and keep it out of everyone’s hands, especially those that might be working with Loki! le gasp Adsit also lets it slip that they’re tracking Nebula to Earth. That’s really the only reason Angela put up with Nova Corps so far, and it’s time to kick ass and get out.

Angela breaks everyone out of their cells and sends Skurge and Throg back to Chandilar to retrieve Throg’s hammer, which Gladiator has been trying, in most hilarious fashion, to pick up. FAIL! Valkyrie, Angela and Thunderstrike hold off the attacking Nova Corp, and Loki picks that moment to snap his fingers and throw a monkey wrench into the works. He turns Valkyrie back into Annabelle.

Annabelle, and everyone else is horrified they lost Valkyrie in the heat of battle. Annabelle tries to get down, and Thunderstrike tries to cover her. Then, Loki summons The Destroyer armor. With all the fire zinging around, Annabelle puts on a discarded Nova Corp helmet to try and stay safe. With another snap of his fingers, Loki makes the helmet functional for Annabelle and she begins using it’s Nova Powers to help fight off the Nova Corp. Skurge and Throg arrive on the scene at this point, but Loki is taking his leave.

He teleports to Thor’s boat on Midgard in Newark Harbor to warn him of Nebula’s approach. Unfortunately, Nebula has beat him there, and Thor is wrapped up in the tentacles of some weird zombie God-creature. Nebula, surrounded by her goopy, icky undead critters tells Loki he can have a front seat for this Ragnarok, and then she blows the horn to summon the Naglfar Armada…

Continued in Asgardians of the Galaxy #5!

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