Infinity Wars (2018) #6


Well here Loki is, in possession of all six stones, in the Prime Universe, facing the Gods above everything. He asks them what his future looks like, and they show him…something. Telling the Gods he hopes they one day grow up and stop pestering his universe, he wanders back through to the Quarry of Creation, feeling defeated.

Back at the Quarry, the stones Loki had used to trick the others have gone inert. Loki comes back to the group and tells them he used the power of his set to delete all the others. Ant Man accuses him of this being his scheme, but Loki tells him to slow his roll, and gives the stones back to the group he’d assembled. He tells them they don’t have much time to keep the universes from collapsing as he joins Flowa back in their boat. He tells her that he feels that he’s been here before. That he’d tried to change the past, and prevent himself from leaving this universe. He tells Flowa to take him back to Omnipotence City.

Back in the Soul World, all the meshed-together warped ‘heroes’ are still fighting Devondra, as well as attacking Gamora, who Loki had thrown in when he acquired the stones. Gamora is facing off against the Dr. Strange/Capt. America hybrid, ‘Soldier Supreme’, and threatens to ‘erase’ him, but her stones all go dead. He demands to know how to stop Devondra, and Gamora says there’s no stopping her. The Soldier Supreme proceeds to punch Gamora right at Devondra so she’ll eat her first.

Before that can happen Groot swoops in carrying Arthur Douglas (Drax’s ‘other soul) and saves Gamora. Once they all set down, Arthur asks where the stones are, and Gamora remarks that it’s like they’re all dead. Loki’s group then appears on the scene with Loki’s set and Ms. Marvel tosses the Soul Stone to Adam. Adam is amazed and asks if they defeated Loki (WTF? Loki wasn’t a villain here…good lord, whatever!) and Ms. Marvel tells him it looks like he defeated himself. At this point, nobody knows what Loki’s seen in his future.

Adam is ready to use the stones to stop Devondra. Gamora says you can only make something out of the thread she spins and leaves behind. Gamora is still either hearing Thanos as one of the voices in her head, or he’s the universe’s most annoying ghost, because Thanos appears to Gamora again, telling her she’s as weak as when he took her from her dead parents. He’s the father nobody ever wanted.

Adam wants to pull apart all the weird hybrid folks and return things to normal, but the hybrid folks don’t want to stop existing so…well, why not make a copy of them put them back into the real universe? He realizes Devondra would still be a threat here in the Soul World. Hulk is not about to let Devondra eat him, so he uses the Space Stone…and physics…and creates a black hole that sucks in Devondra. Done.

They all decide to get around to creating a new universe, no biggie. They’re going to put everyone back in their own universe, yet copy them, so the warps can still exist in the Soul World too. In the midst of this Moondragon and Phyla appear. Moondragon reunites with her father, Drax, but the black hole that saved them from Devondra is now threatening to consume all of them too. Drax and Arthur decide to each create a portal so the separate worlds could be created and everyone escape intact, unfortunately sacrificing themselves in the process.

With the two separate worlds created, and everyone (well almost) saved. Adam and company all fall to their own world, in Egypt, along with the set of Infinity Stones they used to make all of this trippy stuff happen. when Moondragon and Phyla come to, they’re ready to kick Gamora’s ass for destroying their universe and making all this mess. Peter Quill, of course, keeps that from happening. Moondragon tells Phyla that the Peter of their universe died, and maybe having him here in this one might make all the difference for Gamora’s actions.

Now what to do about the stones, that are still there, tempting everyone to nab them and raise hell. Adam Warlock uses the Time Stone and decides to try a different tactic. He banishes Gamora to the place where she would do the most good, and then give the stones their very own souls, as the Soul Stone once gave him his. The Stones can now decide their own fates. Adam thinks the Soul Stone will stay with him, but it also takes off, leaving him behind.

As everyone goes their separate ways, and other lives and new alliances (The Defenders) take form in heir own world, Loki is back at Omnipotence City with Flowa. She’s leaving a few blank pages at the end of her novel in the event of time travel events coming to light, and Loki is ready to move on to his next adventure. He worries that Adam Warlock’s actions are going to have heavy repercussions. Flowa declines, and says she needs to stay in her library.

Gamora, off where she can supposedly ‘do the most good’, happens on a cocooned being in the sand, which is actually ‘Magus’ or little Adam Warlock. Ghost Thanos once again appears and wonders how good she’ll be at that parenting thing.

At the same time, grown Adam draws an infinity symbol in the sand and remarks that he feels a piece of him is missing.

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