Asgardians of the Galaxy (2018) #5

It’s the final battle for Earth as the Asgardians take on Nebula’s full armada! But the undead may be the least of their problems. Just what is their supposed ally Loki up to now? Don’t miss the end of the first thrilling arc!

Well, Nebula seems to have it all in the bag. But Loki is involved…or some version of Loki…so does she? Oh Nebula. bored sigh

Nebula and her icky critter squad bring Thor and Loki back to her ship. Loki offers to be her partner in despicable crime if she won’t unleash the Naglfar Armada on Midgard. Nebula knows he doesn’t care about Midgard, but doesn’t want her to reveal secrets. She threatens to chop his head off, and alludes that this Loki is probably not the ‘real’ Loki, and just an illusion of some type.

Nebula knows that the Asdgardian Gods won’t appreciate her using their own weapon against Midgard, and she plans to use the enthralled Thor to fight against them when they come to stop her. Loki tells her she needs to worry less about Asgardian God-types and more about the Asgardians of the Galaxy.

At the same time, aforementioned Asgardians of the Galaxy are breaking out of the Nova Corp ship, and Angela is blasting the Bifrost-powered Asgard’s Reach towards Midgard and Nebula. Annabelle conjures up the Valkyrie, and all of them prepare to intercept their enemy.

Loki’s crew finally catches up to Nebula’s Armada, and engage them in battle. As Nebula happily watches, her forces kill the Asgardians! Thunderstrike is cleaved in half, Skurge is ran through with a sword, Valkyrie is attacked by a tentacled thing!

Nebula is pleased…at first. She then realized it was all just an illusion Loki created. He showed her more illusions, none she cared for until…Thanos’ throne came up. Nebula’s attention faltered, and that’s when the REAL Asgardians of the Galaxy appeared! Thor, under the spell of one of Nebula’s undead Gods, goes to attack them, and Angela frees him from the enchantment. Thor cleans up all the undead Gods, and then demands to know what is going on, and why Loki is young again!

Before any explanation surfaces, more undeads attack, and Angela and Thor have to fight them off. Nebula’s ax was damaged while she fought Skurge, and she now demands that the dwarf she’d previously enslaved fix it fast. As he does so, Nebula admits that she didn’t really care about destroying earth. She just wanted to attract Gamora’s attention.

As if on queue, Gamora appears! Nebula doesn’t even question this, and immediately confronts Gamora about killing Thanos, an achievement that Nebula feels should have been hers. She’s angry that Gamora stole this from her. She tries to attack, and Gamora easily defeats Nebula, stabbing her through the chest with her blade, and tearing her arm off. As a shocked Nebula bleeds, Gamora whispers that they both knew it would end this way, and that Nebula was never close to being Gamora’s equal.

However, all of this is an illusion created by Loki too. Nebula, unharmed, stands frozen in this vision with a horrified look on her face. Valkyrie easily takes the Naglfar Beacon from her. Nebula snaps out of the vision and is livid at being tricked. Before anyone can apprehend her, she uses the repaired ax to teleport away.

The dwarf is still on the scene, and when Thor remarks on Nebula’s departure, he reveals that when he ‘fixed’ her ax, he made it so she wouldn’t end up anywhere good. Then, he introduces himself as Urzuul. They allow Valkyrie to blow the horn one last time, as she’s the one who ferries the dead to their final resting place, and can take the armada away from Earth.

A little later, Thor has a talk with Angela, and wants to know why she didn’t come to him immediately about all of this. She tells him because he would have wanted to go to war against Loki for creating this weapon in the first place, instead of Nebula, who just picked it up and started actually using it. Angela tells him that he should use it during the War of the Realms, which Malekith is starting. Thor would rather Angela’s group to watch over it. He also cautions her not to trust Loki ever, in any of his forms. I guess Thor’s not ready to reconcile with him yet.

Angela then thinks back to how she became involved in all of this. She had been unable to find peace in her new life, away from the angels. She was angry and displaced. She hunted in forbidden places for what would sate her, but eventually, she ran into this version of Loki. Loki claimed to know what she was looking for, and what she was without. He offered to help her…if she helped him of course.

Now, however, Angela’s band of warriors and Loki are blasting off again. Annabelle wants to be dropped off on Earth, since they’re so close, but Angela reminds her they have to hide the Beacon. Thor has taken the Destroyer armor back to Asgard, so they can’t afford to lose any more hands. Urzuul the dwarf offers to stay as ‘penance’ for surviving Nebula’s slaughter of his brothers and helping her to find the beacon.

Loki tells him there’s no shame in having survived the ordeal. He also claims to know the best place to hide the Beacon and make good on some promises. Loki proposes that they now head off to find Angela’s ex, Sera!

To be continued!

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