Young Avengers (2013) #5

The book where a character says “I did it half an hour ago” normally means doing “it” half an hour ago reaches its first epic conclusion. Why Did Loki Do It? No one kno… okay, we’ll tell you…Well, part of it. Ms America probably punches someone. She usually does.

So Loki ‘borrowed’ Billy’s powers and disappeared, leaving the rest of the team at the mercy of the zombie-parent-things! Billy is angsting over the situation, wishing he had his powers so he could spell himself into someone better. He leaves the battle, goes into the ship, picks up a blaster and puts it under his chin, ready to end it all.

Meanwhile, Loki gives us a rundown of what’s led up to his current state of being. Old Evil Loki died and was reborn as Kid Loki, who actually did achieve change and become truly ‘good’. Then, a copy of Old Evil Loki came back and killed Kid Loki, taking his place and becoming the Loki we’re now dealing with. Basically, Loki is suffering from a massive amount of guilt over who he was, who he is, and how he got there. His guilty conscience is goading him nonstop. He comes to the realization he’s not exactly as he was. This form has changed him.

Loki teleports back to Billy in the nick of time, stopping him from taking his life. Loki then goes on to assist the team, creating an energy field and ramping up their individual powers. America is ready to start punching people, but Loki instructs them to go after specific zombie-parents, Marvel Boy’s parents and America’s parents. He tells Billy to protect him as keeps the power-spell up. The team cleans up the zombies and breaks the enchantment over the other parents and innocent people in the vicinity. They then escape in Noh-Varr’s ship. The crowd of disenchanted people below disperse, as they think they’re just on a pleasant evening walk in Central Park.

Once they’re at a safe distance, they land and Loki explains that Mother blinds adults to what’s going on, and turns parents to her side. She resurrects dead parents, but only if they died close by. Her spell is distance-based. America and Noh-Varr’s parents died spread across the entire multi-verse, so they could pop up anywhere and everywhere. This is why Loki wanted them to be defeated first.

Loki admits he’s not strong enough for them to encounter Mother and her zombies again. Billy’s wants to contact his parents and at least tell them how he’s doing. Kate tells Noh-Varr he can drop them off and carry on his way, but he wants to find out about these ‘Hot Make-Outs’ that Kate promised to teach him about (go Kate!). America also wants to stick around because she’s suspicious of Loki’s motives and wants to watch him. Loki’s guilty conscience whispers that she’s on to him, much to Loki’s annoyance.

Billy’s call to his parents goes as well as you’d expect. They’re worried about him, but he tells them he can’t come home yet. He tries to explain to them that they’re infected by parasite, Mother and the universe is at risk if he’s near them. Teddy hugs Billy, trying to comfort him. Kate confesses that despite the no-super-heroing promise they all made to each other, that she’d actually been off Super-heroing with Clint Barton (orignial Hawkeye). Billy remarks that she was a super hero, that they all are.

No one stays behind, they all board Noh-Varr’s ship and get ready to take on Mother and save the world!

Marvel Now! Point One interlude…

We see how Ms. America first met Loki and why she’s so suspicious of him.

America sets down in Earth-212, New York. She’s meeting up with Loki at a diner. She has no idea what he wants with her, except that he’s buying the food! Her love of Korean BBQ is the only reason she’s agreed to meet him, and she tells him to get on with it.

After a bit of banter about the failure of her last team, Loki finally get on with the reason he’s asked for her company. He conjures up a vision of Billy AKA Wiccan. He brings up Billy’s ‘potential’ and remarks that maybe he should be around anymore, hinting that she should kill Billy.

America doesn’t wait for any further explanation, she attacks Loki and throws him through the front window of the diner. When confronted about punching a child, she explains that he’s a God and peel the arms off anyone there. Or almost anyone. She walks off then, telling him she’ll be watching him AND Billy.

After she’s gone, Loki remarks that the meeting went better than expected, and that putting the Avengers together is Loki’s greatest hit!

More to come in Young Avengers #6…

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